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Hi, I'm Rosie. Welcome to Brighter Day Nutrition! Take a seat, grab a cuppa and have a read – I’m so glad you’re here!

Whoever you are and whatever has brought you here, you’re very welcome and if you decide to work with me, I look forward to getting to know you better.

Whatever your history, experience and frustrations of dieting or confusion over all the conflicting opinions on nutrition out there, leave that at the door - this is a fresh start.  I can offer you uncomplicated achievable nutrition advice that will enable you to reach your goals and make long term change with 1 to 1 support and accountability, a whole heap of ideas to help you overcome your challenges and a promise of kindness, understanding and never any judgement.  Good nutrition is based on scientific evidence, but there’s so much more to it than that.  Your personal circumstances, commitments, work and family life and likes and dislikes all play a part in finding the right balance for you.  This isn’t about following a prescriptive one size fits all diet plan, giving up the things you love or complicated rules and lists of things you can and can’t eat.


If you decide to work with me, I will take the time to get to know more about you and your life, understand what it is I can help you with and, most importantly, why your goal is important to you.  Sessions are by video call with support check ins in between to see how you’re doing.


If you want to lose body fat, I can help you do this whether it’s the first time you’ve tried or the hundred and first – past unsuccessful attempts are exactly that – in the past - and I can help you make the changes you are looking for once and for all.  Perhaps you are trapped in the cycle of slimming clubs, living by the weekly weigh in, feeling unsupported and regaining any weight you’ve lost within a few months, only to return again and again.  I’ve been there and breaking out of this cycle is so liberating.  Perhaps you comfort eat or are trapped in self sabotaging habits when you try to lose weight.  I can help you understand your behaviour and find ways to change it.


Perhaps you feel the way you eat doesn’t support your body and health and want to improve it, whether or not weight loss is a part of that.  I can help you look at ways to improve how you eat and build better lifestyle habits to support and fuel your body.


I offer individualised support from a real person, with kindness and  compassion, a thorough, evidence based understanding of nutrition, experience of what it feels like to think you’ll just never lose the body fat that you want to lose and lots of lessons learned from my own journey to a place where I’m healthy and happy in my own skin.


If this sounds like support that could be of benefit to you, please get in touch. I'm based in Solihull but I can help you wherever you live. I look forward to hearing from you!


My Story

I love food and tended to turn to food for comfort. 

In my early 20s I gained a few pounds after starting work and getting married, and I started my relationship with slimming clubs, successfully getting my weight down though a low fat diet. Although the way I was eating wasn’t sustainable and the results didn’t last long, I had begun an ongoing cycle of joining up to slimming clubs, succeeding for a few weeks before feeling trapped and miserable with little progress a month or 2 down the line.  I bought and read every diet book going, always feeling I ‘should’ be on a diet and it all became pretty negative. 

After the birth of my second child, I had a difficult time and food became a huge source of comfort to me.  I gained bodyfat and weighed more than I had at any time before apart from during pregnancy.  I felt powerless to lose weight despite feeling increasingly desperate to do so and continued to plough my money into different diet clubs, products and books. I have never dared calculate the money I wasted!  I started to experience health problems that I knew would be helped if I could lose bodyfat.

Finally, after seeing the success of a friend who was losing bodyfat, I decided to invest properly in sorting out my health.  I joined the coach led gym that she was going to and started working on my nutrition and fitness with a level of support I had never experienced before. I learned that getting nutrition right doesn’t have to be complicated and everything started to fall into place.  I learned to stop obsessing about the scales as I lost bodyfat and gained muscle through training.  I felt and looked so much better, saw my health issues improve, coming off medication and my self-esteem returned.  I realised the value of coaching, how motivating a great coaching relationship can be and how helpful that level of accountability is when you want to make changes.  Now the good habits I built are second nature and I have learned to find a balance.  I have broken free from the never-ending cycle of failed diets where the weekly weigh in determined my moods, comfort eating and unhappiness with my body.

In 2018 I began training with the BTN academy as a nutrition coach, deepening my understanding of nutrition and coaching.  I loved the course and am now using what I learned, along with my own experience, to support others on their own journeys.

It’s often holiday snaps that catch us unawares, make us face up to the weight that’s been creeping on and these are a couple of mine.  I hated having my photo taken then as I didn’t want to confront how I looked, I hadn’t planned to be in that first picture but a passer-by offered to take a family photo for us.  I’m glad now that he did as seeing it was a motivator to seek the help I needed!  Fast forward to more recent pics and I am happy with what I see, don’t feel the need to hide any more and no longer feel trapped.  It’s a fabulous feeling and it’s well worth investing in yourself and your own future.



I provide individual support, tailored to you. If you want to find out more and to discuss your particular situation and goals, please contact me. I can then offer you a free initial consultation to find out what you want to achieve, discuss how I could support you and answer your questions.  This is without any obligation and will never be a hard sell. 

If you are looking to support your body, improve your health or change your body composition then please get in touch.


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