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For long term health and wellbeing, including through peri-menopause, menopause and beyond

Bespoke nutrition and lifestyle coaching with compassion

Not feeling yourself any more?

Thank you for visiting Brighter Day Nutrition.  I'm Rosie, a qualified Nutrition coach and personal trainer with specific training in peri-menopause and menopause and a passion for helping people feel great and get their self confidence back.

I provide bespoke, evidence based programmes,  with caring support all the way to make achievable changes that get the results you are looking for and that you can sustain for life.

Every client is different and I work with you to understand you, your life, your likes and dislikes and your goals.  That allows me to tailor your plan and the approach in a way that will work for you - this is no generic diet plan and in fact, fat loss doesn't have to be a goal at all, we can take a weight-neutral health coaching approach if that sits better with you.

Do you have health concerns or lack energy?  

Or are you approaching or going through peri-menopause or menopause?

Maybe you're sick of slimming clubs or all or nothing diet behaviour and want to lose body fat in a healthier way once and for all?

Or do you just feel a bit lost and unsure what a healthy diet even looks like let alone how to make new habits stick?

There is so much confusing and conflicting advice out there, it can all seem impossible to navigate.

I'd love to help you succeed!

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About Brighter Day Nutrition

What are some of the benefits you can expect from working with me?

Healthy Salad
Increased energy

Fuel your body with what it needs and you'll be amazed how much better you can feel.

Supporting your health

Take the guesswork out and avoid fads and restrictive diets with an evidence based plan

Stopping yo-yo dieting

Put an end to all or nothing behaviour and guilt around food

Nourishing your body for peri/menopause

Establish a sustainable and enjoyable way of eating that will support you through peri-menopause, into menopause and beyond as your body's needs change

Restore self esteem

Enjoy confidence, empowerment and a sense of achievement from reaching your goals

Feel comfortable in your body

Feel happy in your own skin. Clients report better digestion, skin, nails and sleeping better

What do I promise my clients?
  • No fad diets or excluding food groups
  • No foods off limits - learn how to include your favourite treats and still get results
  • Evidence based nutrition advice from a qualified nutrition coach
  • Simple, realistic advice that works
  • Lots of accountability and support
  • Kindness, respect and non-judgmental support - always
Services 1
Lifestyle 360 plan: £495 for 3 months
No more guesswork, fads or over-restriction - I will give you the tools you need to reach your goals with the support and accountability to help you get there
  • Detailed initial assessment so I can get to know about you and your current lifestyle, history and relationship with food
  • Support with goal setting
  • Discovering your ‘why’ to understand your motivation
  • Individualised plan and advice with targets tailored to you, your goals and your life
  • Nutrition education and information to explain advice given
  • 9 x 30 minute coaching phone calls 
  • Check-ins via WhatsApp /email between calls
  • Meal ideas that support your goals 
  • Help with building a shopping  list
  • Review of all overall lifestyle factors relevant to your goals
  • Help with developing the right mindset to succeed
  • Support with step by step sustainable habit change that fits in with your starting point and life
  • Option to continue support on a month by month basis after the initial 3 months
Active 360 package: £645
All of the above nutrition and lifestyle support and advice plus workouts to complete at home or in the gym
Bespoke packages
Get in touch to discuss your goals, barriers and what you would like help with and I will be happy to suggest a bespoke package to fit in with your life and goals.


 "Having got to a point where I just felt unhappy with the way I looked and that awful feeling of middle age weight gain, Rosie has really helped me focus and find the motivation to look at what and I eat, when I eat and why I eat.  I have lost weight without being on a diet or feeling  like I'm on a diet and still been able to enjoy treats and a few glasses of wine without any of the guilt factor.  It's been really positive, I feel healthier and mentally feel much better about myself - and able to fit back into clothes I had 'grown out of'!"

I'd love to hear from you... I am based in Solihull but can work with you remotely wherever you live.


Get in touch with me (Rosie Collier) to schedule an initial consultation.

Thanks for submitting!

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