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Personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching

For sustainable fat loss and long term health

Do you?

  • Lack energy and feel out of control with your body or diet

  • Worry about your long term health 

  • Hide at the back in photos and hate looking in the mirror

  • Try slimming clubs, diets and meal replacements but don’t get lasting results

  • Feel stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, alternating between dieting and gaining weight

  • Feel guilty when you eat certain foods and unsure how to build a healthy balanced diet

  • Feel uncomfortable in your body but don’t know how to get the changes you want

  • Feel stuck and like you’ll never reach your goals?

I used to be in that place too and I know from experience how it feels.

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My lifestyle reset plan will empower you to...

Healthy Salad
Lose fat & increase energy

Lose body fat in a healthy way and have more energy for life

Build a healthy lifestyle

Establish habits for long term health that you can sustain

Stop yo-yo dieting

Put an end to all or nothing behaviour and guilt around food

Learn about nutrition

Establish a sustainable way of eating that supports your body and health

Restore self esteem

Enjoy confidence and a sense of achievement from reaching your goals

Feel comfortable in your body

Enjoy buying clothes, feel happy in your own skin and stop hiding away in photos

My plan is based on:
  • No fad diets or excluding food groups
  • No foods off limits - learn how to include your favourite treats and still get results
  • Evidence based nutrition advice that works from a qualified nutrition coach
  • Lots of accountability and support
  • Simple, realistic advice that will get you to your goals
Lifestyle reset plan: £100 per month
  • Initial assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Discovering your ‘why’
  • Individualised plan
  • 4 x 30 minute zoom coaching calls per month
  • Check-ins with a nutritionist between calls
  • WhatsApp or email support 5 days a week 
  • Meal ideas that support your goals
  • Support with habit change and building a healthy lifestyle
WhatsApp or email support package: £50 per month
  • Weekly food diary review
  • Weekly check in by WhatsApp, text or email to give feedback and support
  • WhatsApp or email support 5 days per week to ask questions
I recommend starting with the lifestyle reset plan then moving onto this package when you feel ready to continue making progress more independently but still want accountability and advice.
Bespoke packages
Get in touch to discuss your goals, barriers and what you would like help with and I will be happy to suggest a bespoke package to fit in with your life and goals.


 "Having got to a point where I just felt unhappy with the way I looked and that awful feeling of middle age weight gain, Rosie has really helped me focus and find the motivation to look at what and I eat, when I eat and why I eat.  I have lost weight without being on a diet or feeling  like I'm on a diet and still been able to enjoy treats and a few glasses of wine without any of the guilt factor.  It's been really positive, I feel healthier and mentally feel much better about myself - and able to fit back into clothes I had 'grown out of'!"

I'd love to hear from you... I am based in Solihull but can work with you remotely wherever you live.


Get in touch with me (Rosie Collier) to schedule an initial consultation.

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