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Nutrition is fundamental to self-care

Well it's been a while, I've been missing in action from blogs and emails this year whilst I prioritised other things. To those who signed up to newsletters some time ago - thank you, and sorry for the long gap. To those of you who signed up more recently, also thank you, welcome and please get in touch if you have any questions or would like an informal chat. Since the last email I have qualified as a personal trainer, completed some menopause specific training with Menopause Movement and worked with a range of absolutely fantastic clients who it's been an absolute pleasure to support on their individual journeys to better wellbeing.

One of the reasons for not emailing for a while and periods off social media is that I have been prioritising my own health and wellbeing in order to protect my physical and mental health and be best able to support my family through a fairly demanding few months.

This led me to give a lot of though to what self care looks like, including through nutrition, and all the reasons it's worthwhile. That's what I wanted to share with you here. If you think that what you eat or what nutrition coaching is primarily about is weight loss then think again. Whilst this may be a goal for some and nutrition coaching can absolutely be centred around this, there are actually so many fundamental reasons to understand and work on good nutrition.

What can your nutrition do for you?

Help you feel well in yourself and energised

Improve your heart health

Give you enough fuel and energy to exercise

Provide your vitamins and minerals so you don't need them from supplements

Keep your digestive system happy and healthy

Give you better skin, hair and nails

Give you the best chance of having the strength and health to cope with challenging times

Support you to maintain or gain muscle mass

Reduce your risk of cancer

Be a big source of pleasure

Give you the best chance of long term health

By eating well, you set a great example and model healthy habits to your partner, friends, colleagues, kids or grandchildren

Nourishing you enables you to be the best you can be to support the people you love

To protect and support your body during perimenopause and through/ after menopause when the protective effects of oestrogen fall

And yes, enable you to lose bodyfat if that is a goal for you.

It's really quite a list, and there are more I could add. Ultimately, the way you eat is a fundamental part of good self care (but not the whole picture by any means and so in coaching we look at much more).

We can become conditioned to mix up self soothing with true self care. Self care usually takes some planning, work and organisation and may seem like a self-indulgence, but the medium and long term benefits are huge, not just for you but also for those you care about. If you'd like to chat about establishing a good self care routine, about coaching, or have any questions, please reply to this email or message me through the website.

With love



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